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Fosters will sign a contract, agree to care for the animal, take it to scheduled vet appointments, take it to adoption events, assist with developing "good manners", assist by providing information for bios and attending photo sessions, and last but not least, turn loose when it finds a great new family! We realize that fostering is a gracious and time-consuming effort on behalf of the homeless and will attempt to provide the services you deserve to made it as easy as possible for you to help! If you can foster a dog or a cat in your home, please click here for the foster application form.


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Success Stories

Samantha has been providing
us plenty of fun for the last
week as a wonderful addition
to our family here in New Hampshire.
As you can see from the
photo,she's already learned how to drive. ;-)
Thanks again Angela and
everyone else for helping
save a life! Paul Kirsch

Sasha with her new family!
Adopted at Bush Elementary Carnival

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